That 7 year Itch

This week my blog/website turns 7 years old! 7 whole years! When I worked at an NGO we had a new strategic planner come in one year. As usual with that kind of thing, I paid him little attention, except when he said that no one should stay at an organisation more than 7 years.… Read More »

Crushing crushes

I don’t normally do celebrity crushes. Even as a teen, my bedroom wall was filled pictures of sports stars – only one of whom I had a romantic crush on. Some of them were not even physically attractive to me. Except for the tennis player Stefan Edberg, my romantic crushes were usually on real life… Read More »

A moment in time

Yesterday evening I stopped doing what I was doing for a moment and wondered about what the meaning of my life is right now. I have these moments from time to time.  Maybe all non-religious people do the same thing.  Maybe some do. Maybe no one does.  Maybe everyone does it, even religious people. I… Read More »

A few of my favourite things

I know this is a post about some of my favourite things, but… One of the things I loathe…hate!…is showing parts of my inner self to people close to me.  Especially to family – extended or otherwise. This blog notwithstanding. I didn’t say I was rational 😉 This is what happened: My favourite social media platform… Read More »

A longggg overdue blog post

A few friends recently asked when I was going to update this blog.  If I had written everytime I thought of writing a post, this wouldn’t even be a question! So here I am. Better late than never! At the beginning of this year I decided to separate the types of posts I write onto… Read More »

The Dove Beautiful/Average Advert

The Dove Advertisements asking women which door – beautiful or average – they would choose leaves me slightly annoyed. Mainly because I absolutely loathe being labelled. I only accept labels that I have chosen for myself. Like vegetarian. There are other labels that society provides that I reluctantly live with. Race for instance. I remember… Read More »