The Joys of a Cape Town Winter

The Joys of a Cape Town Winter

I was making coffee this morning – a bit worse for wear – when I had a light bulb moment! It occurred to me that I might actually have been a cranky, lazy grizzly bear in a former life.  Or maybe even Big Foot himself!umbrella

It would explain A LOT! Like why I get cranky and lazy during winter.

Seriously! I love working out and running and doing all sorts of things during spring and summer and even autumn, but come winter I refuse to move. The only exercise I am remotely interested in is walking the metre and a half from my couch to the stove to heat milk for hot chocolate. If that hot chocolate was able to make itself, believe me, I would be the happiest person on earth!

During summer I see fruit and I see a meal. Yummy and healthy! In winter I see fruit and I see dessert stewed in sugary syrup and cinnamon, topped off with rich creamy, hot custard.

Then there’s the small matter of bread! All kinds! With lots of butter/margarine. Panini and ciabatta and ordinary wholewheat and white bread rolls. Eaten with vegetable soup and followed by dessert as mentioned above.

What, you may wonder, is my problem.  All the above sounds quite enjoyable.

My previous life as a grizzly bear (if I’m right about that) makes me want to hibernate and sleep for 3 months.   That’s not exactly acceptable behaviour for a human being though.  Or is it?

The thing about winter that is beyond me is the cold weather.  The rain! And I’m born and bred in Cape Town.  I have never spent winter anywhere, except in Cape Town. And the Cape has cold and wet winters.

I have tried doing positive affirmations, gone for walks on the beach, cooked delicious meals, dated winter loving men.  All these only brings temporary relief.

The only cure is 1 September.

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