New Years on Melbourne Station #tbt

New Years on Melbourne Station #tbt

This is one of my favourite pictures ever! It was taken on New Years Eve 1997 at the train station in the middle of Melbourne.  It’s my brother and I waiting for the fireworks to start. My sister in law took the photo.

We took the train to the city quite early in the evening,  to watch the fireworks along the Yarra River. But the crowd was too big so we headed to the station.

Not being a huge fan of fireworks or crowds,  I was more than happy to put some distance between me and the Yarra. Although there were more than a few other people who had the same idea as us.

At 2am we took a taxi home. I was amazed at how safe it felt to be out wondering the streets at that hour! 

A few months -around 4 months  after – I had my Lasik surgery. And everything changed! I cut my hair, had my eyebrows waxed and put earrings in my ears for the first time and changed my wardrobe from the usual 501s, Adidas gear and Doc Martens to heels and formal pants and skirts.

Getting rid of the spectacles was the biggest change, bigger than I could have imagined. The world just looked brighter and bigger and more friendly.

Great memories 🙂

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