Isidingo and 7 de Laan Teasers May 2009

If you are anything like me, you might like to know what happens in your favourite soapies before the time.

A great website for spoilers for most South African Soapies, including  Isidingo, 7de Laan, Generations, Rhythm City, etc. can be found on

Find day to day spoilers for the month of May for 7de Laan and Isidingo.

I might just have to continue skipping Isidingo for a while because seeing Len in drag is not my idea of good viewing.  And Barker Haynes is back…another reason for me to miss this soapie. 

Parsons seems reluctant to get married to Thandi, but a wedding is nontheless planned.   Shoot me now!

On 7de Laan Neville and Felicity’s romance continues to cause waves, that witch Gita continues to get her claws into clueless Tim and Linda suspects Tim of having an affair.  Of course Linda confides in Gita about her suspicions! Kan jy nou meer!

Oh and Felicity’s fashion show takes a whole month to plan! And Paula has book problems.

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