Zille Cabinet: Last Outpost for SA White Men

If anyone doubted that a DA government would look pretty much like an old National Party government, the proof is  now plain for all to see.

Apparently there are no women  and only one African black male good enough as managers -  as Mrs Helen Zille described her male cabinet ministers – in all of Cape Town.

Except her majesty of course, who is a woman above all woman, politician above all politicians, human being above all humans ever born.

Funny enough the only black member, male of course, in the new cabinet has been placed as Housing MEC.  Wow, what a surprise!  A black man put in the most volatile position in all of Cape Town, where the majority of people who he will have to deal with is black.

Window dressing anyone?

The new Education MEC said he was surprised by the call from Mrs Zille yesterday, as he has no idea what the DA’s education policy is.

To his credit, he did Google the policies after getting the call.

Mrs Zille went on Capetalk earlier this afternoon and defended her choice, saying Donald Grant may not know much about education policies, but he is a good manager.

So back to the future we go…we knew it would happen and it did.

Of course  the media are once again silent on critizing anything Zille related.

9 thoughts on “Zille Cabinet: Last Outpost for SA White Men”

  1. Is anyone surprised? Zille always says its not the actual policy that matters, just that that whomever is implementing policy, does it well. Does that make any sense at all? Its like saying Eichmann was good at his job because he was a good manager. Who cares if he helped kill millions – he did it well!

    This is not the same of course (Zille hasn’t set up concentration camps though her TRAs resemble them in some ways), but it is similar logic: ‘efficiency above all’.

    This is pure liberal/capitalist democratic logic and theres nothing progressive about it.

  2. This is exactly how apartheid started – the best person for the job. Except of course it is all subjective.

    Your perception of what is ‘best’ is formed by your background.

    The DA show the same contempt to women and non-white people that the NP did and Mrs Zille shows the same apartheid mentality that says white men are better managers – of course in 10 years time no one will admit they voted DA.

  3. To those who voted the DA especially the black / coloured people Zille is really going to give them a wake up call. I doubt they will be seeing a lot of her in the Townshps now that she got what she wanted.But ke I guess that is the natore of ipolitics

  4. In order to be elected into a position on the povincial executive you need experience and you need to be nominated. The selection pool was therefore quite limited. It always amuses me how people complain about service delivery and incompetence and now when Zille attempts to put competent people in power all the happy-clappy liberals get upset because her cabinet doesn’t look like a box of smarties. The new Western Cape government will run very efficiently and better than any other province. Oh and by the way, the ANC have never had a female leader since their inception 90 years ago. The DA has done so within its first 10 years. Don’t get sucked into the Zuma/Malema school of thought. If you want racists and mysoginists they are the real baddies. Get your priorities straight!

  5. A Premier of a province should be able to appoint whomever he/she wishes. The results are important, not the sex or colour of the incumbents. You cannot appoint somebody to do a job and then tell them how to do it.

  6. Dave,

    My priorities are straight. Are yours?

    You may not be aware of this, but the ANC was only unbanned in 1990. Before and after that black men were/are still the most discriminated against people in the entire South Africa, if not the world.

    While black women stayed home and took care of their families, black men fought in the struggle. I think the ANC is doing just fine getting representation right – 3 white men in a 34 person cabinet, is pretty representative I think.

    You may not know this Dave, but white men were the least discriminated against people in the entire South Africa, if not the world. They received/took the best privileges, the best education, the best land.

    Excuse me for not feeling sorry for them.

    If Mrs Zille/the DA did not play the race card leading up to the elections and appealed to the broader population, I’m sure they would have found at least 1 woman, besides her majesty and a few more black men.

    I find it offensive that you Dave and the DA/Mrs Zille think there are NO black competent women in the entire Western Cape with any level of management competencies.

    That is disgraceful—you should get your priorities straight!

  7. Moxie,
    With your reasoning apartheid was just good and dandy. Since they were an elected government they could choose whoever they want in their government.

    No wonder apartheid flourished for 40 years.

  8. Hi Abigail,

    To be fair, I would say that black women were more disadvantaged than black men during apartheid… so perhaps the ANC should look at appointing a competent black women as their leader then? Surely your argument should hold water with national as well as provincial governments? Perhaps Nkosasana Dlamini-Zuma?

    I’m not sure that anyone is asking you to feel sorry for white men. I’m not sure where that statement comes from. Whoever you choose to feel sorry for is your own choice completely.

    Also, your statement that “While black women stayed home and took care of their families, black men fought in the struggle” is a bit of a generalisation. Many black men did not fight in the struggle at all. Some were chiefs of Apartheid bantustans, some worked regular 9-5 jobs and many did not have the time or energy to be involved the struggle. Many black women spent their time looking after white peoples families while their own children roamed the streets or were looked after by other family members. So thats a bit inaccurate.

    The point here is that feeling sorry for someone is not reason to put them in a position of massive responsibility where they may not have the capacity to fulfil their role. This is the biggest problem with affirmative action and BEE and why neither has managed to make a significant impact on the job market after 15 years of application.

    I did NOT write anywhere that there were no compenent women of colour in the Western Cape. I think you are reacting to what you think i’m saying as opposed to what I am actually saying. There certainly are many competent women of colour in the Western Cape and if they had put themselves up for nomination they would probably have stood a very good chance. The fact is that the 3 or 4 women who did apply were hugely inexperienced and were white, which as I understand from your argument renders them second class citizens.

    It is possible for a party to govern without racial and gender bias and that is what the DA did by appointing the most competent people they had at their disposal into the positions available. If men and women of color wish to be a part of the DA led Western Cape government then they should join the party and become politically involved.

    I personally would love to see a provincial cabinet of many different races, religions and genders as a feel that this best represents the Western Cape which is very unique to the rest of South Africa in its diversity and rich cultural history. Its still a while though before the old-guard leaves and the new generation takes over. We have to stop with the whole “white party – black party” thing though or we wont get anywhere!

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