SABC Can’t Afford Soapies or Anything Else

News24 are reporting that the SABC have not been paying the production companies responsible for putting out local soap operas.

Some of our local soapies such as Generations, 7de Laan and Isidingo could be taken off the air if they dont’ get paid soon.

Apparently Generations only have episodes until the 1st week in June!  And the SABC haven’t even paid for the ones we are currently viewing.

If the SABC doesn’t pay up, we could be subjected to reruns – like they are already doing with repeats of reality tv series such as Strictly Come Dancing and So You Think You Can Dance!

The credit crunch could be blamed to a certain extent, but also bad management and waste of money and resources on badly made programmes.

The SABC is in talks with the government to get more money to keep them afloat, but will this just be another case of throwing good money after bad?

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