7de Laan: Oooh That San-Mari is a Witch!

Apologies to all good witches out there, but I couldn’t use the word I wanted to use to describe that freaking San-Mari!

Who does she think she is, taking her heartbreak out on Paula?

It’s not as if Paula was the one who broke her heart.

And she dated Altus for about two weeks!

How was their relationship serious.

Regardless, why did San-Mari have to spoil Paula’s dress?

Firstly, she could have left that ugly green dress with the even uglier hair accessory alone and still looked better than Paula.

San-Mari just came off looking petty and nasty.

Altus made it clear that Paula is the girl for him. San-Mari should move on and find someone who thinks she’s the one.

Grrrr I hate when soapies pit two women against each other over a man.

8 thoughts on “7de Laan: Oooh That San-Mari is a Witch!”

  1. I totally agree. San Mari is certainly being a total biatch. The thing is will the writers totally excuse Altus in all of this. He is the one that caused the conflict so shouldn’t he stand with the one he loves. It’s crap when the women are portrayed as the nasty ones. But if San-Mari gets away with her absolute disregard for friends then thats just not on. It’s not right to let her get away with destroying another person’s work (viz. Felicity)That’s like stabbing a friend in the back by doing what she did. Felicity should tell San-Mari off. This is between Paula, San-Mari &Altus and others shouldn’t have to be dragged in.

  2. Soapies have such a habit of making men the innocent victims of romance. I hate it. 7de Laan has even tried redeeming the (irredeemable in my eyes) Dawid Greeff, because according to the writers, he’s changed since meeting the ‘right’ woman.
    What a load of crap!

  3. what is San-mari problem can she not find another man,why dont she go back to Diederick or why dont they remove her from 7de laan she is too boring now keeps on crying over the same thing,I dont enjoy 7de laan anymore San-mari is working on my nerves

  4. @Natasha, my sentiments exactly and what are the producers keeping her character alive for, San-Mari’s character irritates me, she should of known the minute she started “dating” Altie that his heart still belongs to Paula and all San-Mari was to Altie a rebound, look when Paula returned how all the feelings he had hidden suddenly emerged…I love Altie and Paula together. Diederick is still single San-Mari should go back and I hate it that she is making Paula to be the wicked witch in front of Altie. And Altie needs to be a man and stand with Paula

  5. i dont like san marie at all. The producers should remove her cause she is bad for the show. She treated diederick just as badly.

  6. San-marie is annoying they must get rid of her asap she is jellous of paula I don’t like her at all she with her red hair like a witch because she is one

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