7de Laan is the Best Soapie in SA

Last weekend 7de Laan was voted the best soapie in the land by viewers.  It  shows 7de laan fans are the most loyal as they actually voted.

I can totally relate…

This last week was extremely busy and stressful for me.  I had to come home from work and immediately had to start on UNISA assignments for my Diploma in Information Technology as I have to hand in by Friday 5 March and I still had a few things to do.

I had about a total of 1 hour of tvtime for the week (not good for an admitted tv addict!) – until Thursday, when I reached breaking point.

Then I did what any sane person could do.  I turned on my favourite soapie, chilled on the couch for half an hour and got lost in 7de laan’s stories.   Friday I did the same thing.

Fortunately there was Paula action and very little storyline involving Gita and San-Mari to spoil the fun, though I could have done with less Vanessa!

None of the other soapies have that effect -  I sometimes watch Isidingo and Generations – and they’re just a lot darker than 7de Laan. 

The US soapies like Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful don’t even come close – they’re just repetitive and boring most of the time.

7de Laan Spoilers – March 2010

With thanks to tvsa.co.za

Monday, 1 March 2010
Episode 2166

Aggie makes a suggestion to Oubaas about what he must do with his poem. Everybody is baffled by Diederik’s cream and the guys also want some of it, but Paula can’t remember the ingredients. Vanessa is shocked when she tries to phone their contact at the hotel group.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010
Episode 2167

Herman realises that he made a mistake and tries to correct it, but will Felicity accept it? The guys confront Paula when they see what the cream is doing to their faces. Vanessa and Xander’s fears are real and it causes damage to their marriage.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010
Episode 2168

Errol gets news from Washington. Oubaas’s poem speaks to Hilda. Gita brings news to Charmaine about Oppiekoffie. Xander has a possible solution for Studio 7 and Gita is upset when she hears about it.

Thursday, 4 March 2010
Episode 2169

Charmaine’s builders don’t pitch for work – how will she handle it? Hilda’s ikebana inspires Oubaas for his poem. Gita tries to convince Herman that she must be part of his diving plans. Vanessa is shattered about Xander’s plans and Gita desperately wants to put a stop to them.

Friday, 5 March 2010
Episode 2170

How will Hilda react to Oubaas’s second poem? Herman wonders about Felicity and makes a decision about her. Gita is desperate to find out who wants to buy Studio 7. Vanessa takes note when Xander moans about the high insurance premiums.


Monday, 8 March 2010
Episode 2171

Somebody else also falls in love with the anonymous poet. Felicity admits that she is starting to develop feelings for Herman – but does he feel the same?

Vanessa sneaks around in the storeroom and it is obvious that she is planning something, but what?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010
Episode 2172

Gita gives Alan an ultimatum to find out who wants to buy Studio 7. Vanessa fiddles with the geyser above the paintings – will her plans work? Alan finds something when he snoops in the gallery and Gita gives him his next assignment.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010
Episode 2173

Aggie’s plan with Hilda and Oubaas looks as if it’s going to backfire. After Felicity and Herman’s dance lesson something happens that makes their feelings for each other clear. Xander is upset about what happened in the gallery. Gita makes an anonymous call.

Thursday, 11 March 2010
Episode 2174

Kabelo is looking for ideas for Oppiekoffie’s party and Matrone makes a suggestion. Neville brings upsetting news about Zondagh. Herman and Felicity admit that they made a mistake, but it’s not the end after that. Vanessa is rattled when the insurance people questioned her.

Friday, 12 March 2010
Episode 2175

How will Emma feel if she sees Herman and Felicity together? Paula and San-
Mari are the last two finalists in the Oppiekoffie competition, who will walk away as the winner? Xander hera something upsetting from Indira.


Monday, 15 March 2010
Episode 2176

Ryno talks to Pieter about their mother – will it bring them closer or will it have the opposite reaction? Everyone wonders what Herman and Emma feel about each other seeings that Herman and Felicity are together.

Matrone gets ideas when she hears who the poet is. Vanessa is in a state when she hears what the insurance people decided about their claim.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010
Episode 2177

San-Mari has an idea when she hears everyone joke about Paula taking up scuba diving. Will Matrone succeed in her plans to approach Oubaas?

Gita is satisfied with how her plan is working out. Isabelle breaks shocking news to Xander and that makes Vanessa come clean.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010
Episode 2178

Maria gets worried when Hilda sends a letter to the unknown poet. Herman and Felicity’s relationship blooms. Gita makes a phone call to the person that might be able to help Xander. How do Xander and Vanessa feel about each others behaviour?

Thursday, 18 March 2010
Episode 2179

Felicity is worried about her relationship with Herman. Aggie is stressed when she hears what Hilda is planning and Paula thinks it’s an amazing topic for Paula Prut.

Charmaine is shocked when Xander tells her the whole story about Vanessa. Vanessa is in a state when she hears what Xander is planning, but Gita is very happy with that.

Friday, 19 March 2010
Episode 2180

Oubaas suspects Hilda is in love with another man. Emma causes trouble between Herman and Felicity. Xander gets a phone call from someone who can help him.

Lukas realises what happened in the gallery when the power tripped. Xander wants to share the good news with Vanessa, but he can’t find her.


Monday, 22 March 2010
Episode 2181

Will Emma and Felicity be able to ease the tension between them regarding Herman? How will Paula feel when Altus tells her he is going to do the diving course with or without her?

Xander is put in a difficult position when both Oubaas and Hilda ask him to handle their divorce. Gita panics when Xander cancels the meeting with Alan.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Episode 2182

Annelie is dumbfounded over Pieter’s reaction to her plans. Hilda is shocked when Maria gives her a taste of her own medicine. Xander is surprised by Vanessa’s reaction when he gives her the good news. Gita becomes desperate when she gets news from Alan about Studio Seven.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010
Episode 2183

Hilda is in a state because everyone knows about her sins. Paula freaks when she sees San-Mari flirting with Altus and she decides to put a stop to it. Vanessa makes it clears to Xander what she thinks of their relationship. Tim is concerned about Gita.

Thursday, 25 March 2010
Episode 2184

Tim pushes Gita to tell him what upset her. Hilda realises Oubaas is the anonymous poet, but will she be able to save Oubaas before Matrone gets to him? Xander opens his heart to Vanessa and she doesn’t react in the way he hoped for.

Friday, 26 March 2010
Episode 2185

Herman is confused about Emma’s feelings for him. Will Pieter be able to see Annelie’s side of the story after San-Mari talks to him? Isabelle is excited about Helena’s release from prison, but will Helena be able to adapt again?

SA Idols 6 Coming Soon!

Believe it or not, Mnet will be auditioning for the 6th season of SA Idols from April this year.

Year after year Idols come up with a controversial ending.

Remember Idols 1 had one of the least talented of the top 5 – Heinz – contestants winning.

Claims of racist/elitist voting patterns also plagued the second season when Anke won.

The third season had the sob story of the apple picker Karin from Grabouw. This story ended with murder and a damaged reputation.

The fourth season Mnet allowed multiple voting via Mxit – appealing to young black voters – unsuprisingly 17 year old Jody from the Cape Flats won.

The fifth season had the most controversial ending when Sasha-Lee was named the winner, but it was later found that she had about 200 000 fewer votes than Jason. So they were declared joint winners.

(You do the Maths.)

Seems like Mnet is as thick-skinned as Julius Malema himself.

This year judge Dave has emigrated, so we’re getting at least one new judge.

For those wishing to become the next tabloid fodder, auditions for the 6th season of SA Idols start in Cape Town on April 6, Durban 17, Joburg 24, PE May 2 and Bloemfontein 8 May.

Idols will be broadcast at some stage after the Soccer World Cup in July.

My Mitchell’s Plain Aunty is Loving Facebook!

My sister phoned me Thursday to catch up on family gossip.

During the course of the conversation she asked: “…are you friends with Joe* on Facebook?”

“Who?” I asked.

“Stephanie’s* son.”

“Oh,” I replied. “No.”

She went on to explain that Joe, a second cousin had cut ties with the family.

“How do you know this?” I wanted to know.

“Aunty Maxine* told mum.” she said. “She said it was on Facebook.”

Apparently my aunty told my mother that Facebook keeps her in touch with the ‘children’.

I further questioned how my 70+ year old aunty who doesn’t own (nor does she want to own) a computer and who thinks the internet is evil, get access to Facebook.

My sister didn’t know, so while we chatted she logged on to Facebook to investigate.

None of my aunty’s children or grandchildren are friends with Joe, she discovered.

We were baffled.

“Request Joe to add you as a friend,” she told me.

“If I don’t know him, how will he know me,” I reasoned.

So my sister became friends with my second cousin and got the whole story on his wall!

“You better watch what you write on your wall.” I told my sister.

“Aunty Maxi loves to skinder.”

*names have been changed ’cause who knows what will happen to me if my Mitchell’s Plain aunty gets word of this blog.