My life as a Vegetarian – 6 months later

Its been 6 months since I last ate meat and I havent missed it, except sometimes I feel a bit envious when my dining companions eat seafood and snoek in particular.

However, I doubt if I could eat it, now that my decision is made.

The difficult parts have been my weightloss, finding food to eat whether at home, family meals and even at restuarants and having to constantly read food labels.

Just yesterday we went to the Spur, because my companions wanted something meaty. There was nothing I wanted to eat on their menu.

Recently my friend and I went to Primi Piatti in Cavendish Square. He had plenty of choices. I had very few.

And that pretty much sums up my dilemma.

I’m not a fan of salads and eating steamed veggies at a restuarant is just plain wrong. Thats home food!

I eat lots of vegetable soups with interesting Italian breads however. Because its quick, healthy and easy.

However sandwiches are another problem. There are just so many egg and mayo or cheese sarmies one can take.

I eat yoghurt most days and drink milk in my tea, because dairy apparently has some vitamins found in animal products.

My weightloss is a bit of a worry. I was small to start off with and now I wont even get on a scale!

So I’ll have to look out for healthy, but tasty veggie recipes.

One of the positives is more place for dessert!

I do feel good about my choice to become vegetarian. Its a matter of getting the balance right.

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