I freaking hate email!

Who would have though I would come to hate email? Both sending and receiving the pieces of electronic nuisances.

But I do, except for ones from a few favourite people. Who may or may not read this blog post ;-)

Anyway, what I hate most is forwarded email with angels, cute babies and stuff. OMW! Who has time to look at that crap.

I do enjoy short jokes sparingly sent, but my friends know that already. Because I begged them to stop!

It’s acquantences…

This post is brought on by the dreaded office/business email though.

I currently have over 700 unread emails in my work inbox. So the irritation level rises quite high when I receive:

1. The ‘thank you, Abi” email after completing a request. The sentiment is great, but unnecessary. Thank me in person next time our paths cross. Especially made worse when I’m on leave. I dont even bother opening those.

2. When a colleague makes an appointment via email. I reply to confirm, only to receive another email about the meeting not five minutes later. Hello…see me when you see me!

3. Email cc’d to me Just Because. Argghh if its not addressed to me, I’m not interested.
I can easily fill 7.5 hours a day with my own work for goodness sake!

4. Instructions emailed in the subject line with nothing in the body of the message. OMW! Like chalk on a blackboard to me.

5. Spelling my name wrong. In the subject line! By the same person in 4 above. Hello! My name is in the email freaking address. Check the To: line.

6. Not to mention forwarded competitions to win a blackberry nokia GHD or whatever. Still. WTF, has anyone ever heard of someone getting a free anything resulting from those emails? Other than more spam.

Sjoe! Glad I got that off my chest!

16 thoughts on “I freaking hate email!”

  1. :D I have a friend who has no concept of internet and email protocol. She continually sends all these cutesy pukearific sentimental crap which I continually delete as well as emails with pics that average 3 to 10megs in size. I’ve changed my email rules now. I will only accept emails that are less than 300k from her and sent only to me. The rest is automatically deleted.

  2. I didn’t enjoy the game at all. And Schalk Burger’s decision not to kick at goal was a mystery. If we watched the game at home, I would have walked away from the tv long before the game ended.

    Oddly enough, I didn’t read post mortems nor did anyone discuss the game at work or at the mall or anywhere.

    However, WP and the Stormers did us proud this season. They surprised me.

  3. I got up halfway through and ended up playing on the net while it was still going on in the background. I was thoroughly disappointed. I don’t know what it is but as long as I have been supporting WP (my entire life) every other year they seem to choke. They play brilliantly all through the season and when they really have to pull out all the stops they fall on their faces. They just didn’t gel on the day I felt. Season is over now though. Now for the Boks.

  4. Totally always support the Southern Hemisphere against the Northern Hemisphere. This French ref is a complete idiot!

  5. So not inspired by our performance. Dude what the hell was Div thinking by replacing Morne Steyn so early?

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