2011 Horoscope: The Year Ahead for Aries

Interestingly, 2010 went pretty much as predicted for Aries in You Magazine 2010.

I’m still very much a sceptic, because I believe the future is not predestined.

However here I am again with the 2011 Horoscope found in 6 January 2011 issue. They have Part 2 in the next issue.

Aries Horoscope 2011

Trends for 2011
The first half of the year will definitely be the best part for you. You had a taste of lucky Jupiter in your sign during 2010 and it will return to your sign, which will benefit you, from 22 January to 4 June. Think bigger and have more confidence in yourself and your ideas.

Life changes will accelerate during March, when change-promoting Uranus will settle in your sign. You can therefore expect a busy year with more opportunities than you could imagine, although somewhere along the line you will have to take a calculated risk if you want to benefit from the saying that it sometimes is necessary to go out on a limb.

Health and wellbeing
Having too much of a good time can put strain on your body so guard against over-indulging and an increase in your waistline. Instead use this favourable time to get into shape and exercise more – as a result you could glow with happiness and health.

There is however a wild-card factor in your life so taking nothing for granted, especially your health and well-being. If you had hoped to break a habit or radically change your lifestyle this will more likely happen from March when the urge to make changes becomes more evident. April will be your high-energy month but be mindful of being accident prone.

Part 2 is in next week’s magazine.

7de Laan: Marietjie is looking for ‘n man wat sy man kan staan

OMW! I can’t believe I’m even writing this, but I’m loving Marietjie’s wedding story.

The eventual wedding will be such a let down, I imagine.

Poor Wilhelm – the bridegroom if you were wondering who the side-kick who’s always eating is!

I admit I first thought he was her son.

Anyway looks like Marietjie met her match in Diederick of all people. She apparently admires men who stand up to her.

Well, after her ridiculous wedding themes and impossible demands, even a saint would have lost their cool.

But in tonight’s episode of 7de Laan she went as meek as a lamb and quoted the Afrikaans poet Jan FE Cilliers with admiration for Diederick and gave over all control of the wedding plans to him.


Ek hou van ‘n man wat sy man kan staan.
Ek hou van ‘n man wat ‘n slag kan slaan.
‘n Oog wat nie wyk, wat ‘n bars kan kyk.
En ‘n wil wat so vas soos ‘n klipsteen slaan!

Read the full poem here.

Me too, Marietjie. Me too ;-)

Movie Review: Mao’s Last Dancer

This morning the cleaning lady arrived while I was still chilling on the couch with my Nescafe Gold coffee and Oprah Magazine.

Life seemed good, almost perfect. Until that knock on the door.

Neither of us looked comfortable, as I’m usually on my way to work when she arrives to clean, so I took myself off to Cinema Nouveau in Cavendish Square.

I randomly chose to watch Mao’s Last Dancer, without knowing anything other than it being a true story.

The cinema was empty when I arrived. Yayyy! I thought. But two other people arrived as the movie started. They chose the row of seats just behind me.

Funny how that happens…

The movie is about a peasant Chinese boy who was chosen by Chairman Mao’s men to be schooled academically and in ballet.

We follow him as he transforms from a moderate talent into a great dancer.

And then an American ballet company from Houston visit the school and offers Li Cunxin the opportunity to be an exchange student for 3 months.

During the three months he falls in love with a girl and the USA. And he refuses to return to China.

My favourite scenes were the classical ballet dances.

Chi Cao, who portrays Li Cunxin, is a ballet dancer and so are his leading ladies.

So all their dance scenes were amazing.

I could have just watched Chi Cao dance the entire movie. And I’ve never been to a ballet performance.

Some of the emotional scenes felt a bit like a Hallmark movie, but overall I enjoyed Mao’s Last Dancer.

Vodacom’s Cheap Internet Starter Pack

Looks like the promised cheaper broadband wars have begun and they forgot to tell us.

CellC started it all by offering a USB 3G modem and 2GB of data a month for 12 months at a once off cost of R1499.

Now Vodacom has hit back with their own offering of a USB 3G modem and 110MB of data a month for 24 months. At a cost of R399. Once off.

No monthly charges. No catch. No whatever. Like they say in the movies.

All you have to do is go to a Vodacom outlet and Rica the free sim they give you and that’s that.

My friend who told me about the offer went to PepCell and got advice there.

Strangely, I have not seen or heard anything in the media about these broadband offers.

You would think the cellphone giants would be shouting the news from the rooftops. Well, except MTN who is not quite AYOBA yet when it comes to cheap internet.

WTF is wrong with COPE’s Shilowa and Lekota?

One wonders if those two idiots, Lekota and Shilowa, actually believe they’re garnering support for COPE with their goings on.

Are they actually thinking at all?

Yesterday they apparently went at each other – physically – according to the Sunday Times.

This after a year of court interdicts and appeals and just general idiot behaviour.

Who in their right minds would vote for such idiocacy?

And to think of the choice they gave us in the general elections last year.

But we should have known that a party who couldn’t choose a leader would never last.

Don’t they have family, friends, colleagues, supporters, etc. who advise them to stop their nonsense?

Where is Thabo Mbeki. The man who inspired the formation of COPE when he was recalled as President of the country.

He’s probably happy to never have been associated with COPE.

Makes one wonder if there will ever be another formidable black led political party.

Or if the choice will be between voting ANC or not voting at all. For those of us who would never vote DA.

COPE could have been that choice. And maybe they still can.

If those two idiots Shilowa and Lekota remove themselves completely from the part. And if a third, unifying candidate, steps forward.