The power of being Capetonian

This morning I woke up at exactly 07.05 – bit later than I normally would as I’m on holiday.

As usual I looked up at the digital clock to check the time, only to be greeted by flashing numbers.

A sure sign of a power failure!

The numbers on the clock indicated that power had been restored an hour and 5 minutes earlier.

But it was raining and the wind was howling. An explanation only a fellow citizen of this fine city will understand. (For the rest of the planet: in Cape Town rain affects our brain functions.)

And being me and Capetonian and from the Southern Suburbs, I immediately went into panic mode.

“What if power hadn’t been restored before I had my coffee?” Heaven forbid!

“I have to go out TODAY and get a flask, camping light and gas stove.” All this while still laying in bed.

Half an hour later…

“Better go make that coffee. NOW!”

Which I did while checking Twitter on my Blackberry.

(Better add a gas charger for my phone to that list.)

Turns out I wasn’t the only concerned Capetonian. But what surprised me more than anything was the fact that there were Capetonians up at 5am when the power failure occurred.

“Who are these people”, I wondered. “Immigrants from up north?”

A mug of coffee and no sign of another power failure restored some sanity.

But I wondered how our two nuclear reactors were doing. (See, we treat those reactors at Koeberg as family members. Their health is of extreme concern to us. And we get occasional updates in the media.)

“Unit one is having routine maintenance,” might seem, well… routine to the average South African.

The average citizen of Cape Town frowns worriedly.

“Routine my arse!”

“The ANC is victimising us again.”

“There’s a reason Koeberg was built in Cape Town.”


“What are they not telling us?”

Let me tell you: our legendary laid back status is conditional. It only applies when we can wear shorts, both Koeberg units 1 and 2 are fully functional and when it’s a working day.

I don’t know how the rest of the country survives these blackouts, but here in Cape Town we take it personally. Some of us even take winter personally.

Btw. I did go out to the shops today, but came back with a pizza, coke and Doritos. I have to stock up on necessities in case there’s another power failure.

7de Laan Spoilers May 2011

With thanks to

Monday 2 May 2011
Episode 2471

Helena puts pressure on Ryno to make the decision for Isabelle. Matrone is very busy with Oubaas’ campaign.

Bruynwaves is upset to hear why Marko is here.

How will Vince react when he finds out what the family is doing?

Tuesday 3 May 2011
Episode 2472

Helena pleads with Isabelle to make contact with the police … but will she? Errol is in a state because of the story with Vince.

Emma makes a decision about Dawid’s money. Will Matrone be able to teach Oubaas the secrets to public speaking?

Wednesday 4 May 2011
Episode 2473

Bonita opens up a bit towards Hilda. Isabel has to go to the police … but she is too late. Xander explains what her position is.

Will Oubaas be able to do Matrone’s speech?

Bonita tells Vince the truth about why she needed the money.

Thursday 5 May 2011
Episode 2474

Hilda makes a change and Matrone is not impressed. Sanjay wants to do an article about Isabelle.

Emma realises that Dawid won’t leave her and Thinus alone. Helena gets a phone call and explains that she will soon be back in Stuttgart.

Vince makes his final descision about Bonita.

Friday 6 May 2011
Episode 2475
Please note: today’s the day Jeannie D makes her appearance on the show.

How will Isabelle react to Sanjay’s article? Clara is confused about Marko.

Jeannie D from Tom Billing attends Gita’s cocktail. For a sneak peak of her scene, see: Jeannie D to guest on 7de Laan.

Bonita tells the family what she thinks of them.

Gita introduces Altus to an important businessman.

Monday 9 May 2011
Episode 2476

Lukas wants to help Clara to spoil Diederik. Matrone and Hilda are both planning something for Oubaas.

How will Vince react if Xander wants to make peace?

Bernard makes a shocking discovery. Helena gets bad news.

Tuesday 10 May 2011
Episode 2477

Helena must break the news to Isabelle. Altus gets good news. Vince starts to regret his decision.

San-Mari gives Marko lots of attention.

Will Oubaas’ body keep up with running between two functions?

Wednesday 11 May 2011
Episode 2478

Everyone is in shock about what happened to Oubaas.

Altus realises that he owes Gita. How will Clara feel if San-Mari goes on a date with Marko?

Neville has a plan with the Deli and Vince. Isabelle goes to see the state prosecutor.

Vince realises what Bonita has decided.

Thursday 12 May 2011
Episode 2479

Marko decides on which models to use for the launch. Hilda makes sure that Oubaas doesn’t fall for Matrone’s talk.

Will Ryno and Isabelle swallow their pride?

Clara and Marko are uncomfortable with each other.

Vince is upset about Neville’s condition.

Friday 13 May 2011
Episode 2480

Bernard enquires about a job and he gets it. Isabelle is hopeful after she talked to the state prosecutor.

Clara and Marko smooch Diederik and San-Mari respectively to compensate for their longing for each other.

Vince tells the family what he thinks of them.

Monday 16 May 2011
Episode 2481

Ryno gets told that it is not a good idea to go to court to support Isabelle. Paula must act quickly to get the bank off her back.

Nobody gets hold of Vince. Clara and Marko must be a team.

Tuesday 17 May 2011
Episode 2482

San-Mari becomes jealous of Kabelo. Neville feels hopeless because he doesn’t get a helper for the deli.

Paula has an idea when Maria refuses to help her without pay.

Clara has a strange effect on Marko.

Wednesday 18 May 2011
Episode 2483

Diederik is in trouble over the Brebnor-launch. It looks as if Paula’s plan with Maria is going to work. Errol blames the family for Vince’s behaviour.

Who will come to Clara’s rescue when she is in trouble?

Thursday 19 May 2011
Episode 2484

Diederik has a solution for the Brebnor-crisis. How will San-Mari react when Herman asks het input on the system?

Paula is certain Neville will be crazy about her articles.

Will Clara and Marko be able to resist each other?

Friday 20 May 2011
Episode 2485

Matrone accepts too many orders at the deli. How will Marko react when Diederik tells about his romance with Clara?

Maria wants to make a plan to get rid of Paula.

Errol receives a call from Vince.

Monday 23 May 2011
Episode 2486

Maria has an idea when Paula tells her something. Bernard struggles to get enough money for a new camera.

Ryno and Isabelle have an opportunity to talk … but will they use it?

Marko and Clara’s feel about each other become clear.

Tuesday 24 May 2011
Episode 2487

Maria’s stories upset Paula. Neville must do crisis control at the Times and the deli.

Gita proposes a possible solution to Bernard.

Diederik realises that Clara’s working permit is going to expire.

Wednesday 25 May 2011
Episode 2488

Maria scares Paula even more.

Xander tells Diederik about a possible solution for Clara’s situation. Neville tackles Matrone.

Altus warns Bernard against Gita.

Will Marko be able to break up with San-Mari?

Diederik makes a decision about Clara.

Thursday 26 May 2011
Episode 2489

The family fight about the deli. Gita hears Neville wants to sell the deli.

Marko pushes Clara to choose. Diederik asks San-Mari for help.

Neville’s plans for the deli are put to a stop.

Friday 27 May 2011
Episode 2490

Vince gives the family an ultimatum .Sanjay does an interview with Felicity and Herman wonders when he sees them together …

Bernard is confused when he have to work closer with Gita than he expected.

Clara doesn’t know what diederik is talking about, but Marko finds out what Diederik is up to.

Monday 31 May 2011
Episode 2491

Info. to follow.

I’m falling in love…with Twitter

In social media as in life, I take a while to fall in love. Even when the object of my future affection is right before my eyes.

And so it is with my newly acquired love affair with that 140 character social media website called Twitter.

Admittedly the same thing happened with Facebook. I signed up like everyone else and nothing. No spark of interest. No excitement. No nothing.

And blogging. “Why would I be interested in the mundane details of someone else’s life?” (That is before I started blogging about the mundane details of my life.)

I just didn’t ‘get’ it. Not until I got it.

The same pattern occurred with the smart phone revolution.

“I don’t need a smart phone,” I told everyone. My Nokia can do everything.

That is until I got my beloved Blackberry. E-mails are a dream. Blogging is amazingly amazing. My life will never be the same.

So you might think I would have put my cynicism aside for Twitter.

Not so.

I signed up in 2008 and nothing, checked in a year later. Nothing.

A week or two ago I checked in again and…hallelujah! The spark!

Some people are born to tweet. Like Herschelle Gibbs! Who knew? @hershybru if you want to check him out.

My favourite is Simon Pegg @simonpegg, the actor from the movie Shaun of the Dead. He is hilarious.

I even quoted a tweet at lunch on Sunday! Where will all this end?

On Twitter as in life, I don’t love everything about the object of my affection.

While I like the funny, clever stuff, I don’t understand why people ask celebrities to retweet just to say happy birthday. “Don’t you have friends or acquaintances, or family who can wish you on your birthday?” Is my thought.

And the links-only tweets are boring. Not to mention those tweeps who use abbreviated language. I like my English in English, if you don’t mind.

I love how smart and funny some people are though. So I follow them.

On Twitter as in life, there are people worth knowing and others that are on a different plain.

I love, no hate, no love public holidays

I love public holidays, but I hate them as well.

I love them because:

    it’s a day off work!
    you get to sleep late, preferably with someone you love, if not then someone you like
    I get to blog without feeling like I should be stuying!
    you can spend the day doing whatever you like. In Cape Town that means outdoors stuff.
    religious holidays are also family holidays in these parts
    if the holiday falls on a Wednesday or Friday, there’s sometimes a bargain or two to be had on Bidorbuy’s Crazy/Snap auctions
    one Google Adsense click and you’re rich for a minute.

I hate public holidays because:

    I’m extra lazy on those days
    completely lose all routines
    web traffic slows to a trickle. Not cool when you’re trying to earn some pocket money…although see above re Google Adsense
    you could wake up with someone you hardly know, much less like or love. Although I’m past that stage in my life. Just saying.
    as a seller on Bidorbuy (or other websites) you can lose big if the holiday falls at the end of the month, when you usually make your money. Been there, done that, although not recently.

What I’m saying is that as an employee I love public holidays, but as a web entrepreneur I’m not a fan.

Employee wins this round though, as we are on an extended public holiday vacation until 3 May!

Cell-C vs Vodacom

What on earth??? This Cell-C vs Vodacom nonsense must the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all week.

In case you’re wondering…

Vodacom launched their change to red campaign on 1 April with loads of fanfare. Advertisement, SMSes and MMSes to us lucky customers.

They just about threw everything but the kitchen sink into their attempts to inform us that their branding had changed from their usual blue, to Vodafone red.

Along came Cell-C and with their own advertisement, ridiculing Vodacom’s marketing efforts.

‘CEO’ Trevor Noah mentioned something about the colour change not meaning its the biggest cell phone network. Or something to that effect.

It didn’t sound all that convincing to me, regardless of what he said.

Especially since I thought Vodacom had a bigger customer base than Cell-c.

Vodacom took offence anyway and laid a complaint at ASA.

And for good measure served lawyers letters on all and sundry.

All and sundry includes someone who worked on Vodacom’s marketing campaign and was subsequently employed at Cell-C’s advertising company.

In my opinion Vodacom is adding fuel to an almost dead fire, especially since Cell-C’s campaign looked like amatuer hour on Youtubem