Why do some Capetonians not support the Stormers?

So it’s into the semi-finals for the second time in two years for the Stormers. Hopefully this time we go one step better and win the damn trophy.

Their semi-final will be at Newlands which should help…although for some reason other teams have been getting lots of support here in Cape Town.

I wonder why…

Of course the New Zealand teams and particularly the All Blacks, have traditionally received support from the some on the Cape Flats.

Not that I get it where the Stormers or WP are concerned. The Springboks, to a certain extent, yes.

I admittedly supported the All Blacks during the isolation era. Maybe it was the name ;-) or their open style of rugby? But that was a long time ago. I don’t know why I chose them in particular. Although it might have had something to do with my grandfather who died in 1983.

(We watched the Springboks ill-fated tour to New Zealand on tv… one of my earlier memories.)

Anyway, we make our choices for whatever reason.

I am and have always been a Western Province supporter even though I loathe the politics of this city.

Sport is separate from politics in my mind. Unless of course the Stormers or WP pick an all white team :-)

The support for especially the Bulls and the Sharks at Newlands could mean their supporters are moving to Cape Town in droves. Heaven forbid!

Regardless of the politics of sport, here’s wishing the Crusaders and Sharks a tough well fought game on Saturday. May the tire each other out while the Stormers chill out and rest.

Which ever team wins (I hardly care who), here’s looking towards a Stormers final at Newlands in a few week’s time. And of course a Super 15 trophy.

6 thoughts on “Why do some Capetonians not support the Stormers?”

  1. In the 6 years I have lived in Bulls land, quite a few have deserted to my old stomping grounds. They still support the Bulls though. After Saterday’s game and our non arrival on the field, I might just start supporting Togo or something.

  2. Saturday was major disappointing! But not very surprising, hey.

    But worse was some of my FB buddies actually going to Newlands to support the Crusaders. And the local tabloid The Voice had a poster of the Crusaders in their Monday edition.

    Imagine that happening in NZ for a SA team!

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