A moment, please…?

Where on earth has the time gone?  Three months of the year is over and I feel like I’ve hardly touched ground!

Life has been busy, busy, busy…

A few times during this month I thought of blogging, but that would have just added another thing to my list of things that needed to get done.  And blogging was never meant to be that for me.

It’s been my creative and emotional outlet. It’s where I come to complain and put up recipes.

So while I was reading and enjoying someone else’s blog, I thought of my own one and what I love about it.

I must say, other people’s blogs always seem more interesting and other writers smarter and/or funnier than mine.  I love blogs where people share their favourite beautiful things.  Or tell stories about their crafts and art work.

Today I was searching for some fashion blogs to get ideas what to do with my winter wardrobe and liked what a lot of them were doing.  Look out of my annual winter fashion blog post – hopefully before the end of winter ;-)

The same as with runners getting runner’s envy when we see other people in their running gear on the road, so I get blogger envy when I get to someone else’s blog.

So here I am when I should be either finishing an assignment or completing a database.

I just had to take a moment to remember what blogging feels like.

I could get used to this…



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