When Twitter meets Real Life

Up until now I’ve not ever been star-struck. Never swooned over pop stars or actors or reality tv stars.

I have always admired sportsmen and back in the day – late 80′s through the 90′s – I had a bit of a crush on Stefan Edberg the tennis player from Sweden.

To prove my fandom – a huge poster of him adorned my bedroom wall.

But even then, I wouldn’t have dreamed of swooning over him. And of course haven’t met him to put my no-swooning theory to the test.

Who knows…I might have fainted or worse at the sight of him.

Fast forward a few years and I’m a bit older and wiser with not a sight of a celebrity crush, other than maybe George Clooney. Who might leave me a bit tongue-tied I reckon.

Not that I would go out of my way to meet him. But if he should pitch up somewhere where I already am…who knows what kind of of embarrassment I might cause myself, my family and to the human race on the whole.

All the above is theoretical – meeting Edberg and Clooney isn’t part of my reality. However this past week I met someone I am following on Twitter – and pretty much lost it!

I have been following the career of this person – who will remain anonymous – for a few years. I know his family and have met him before he became sort of well-known.

But he doesn’t know that I am following him on Twitter! And he can probably be accused of over-sharing.

Oh…and he has a bit of an interesting life.

So the other day I was re-introduced to him and while not exactly swooning – I was still embarrassed to know as much as I did about him through his Twitter account.

I could barely make eye-contact!

And it didn’t help that he’s good-looking and owns his celebrity without showing off.

While in conversation with two other people, I admitted that I followed him on Twitter – and made them swear not to tell anyone else in the group! I freaking giggled like a school-girl!

I showed one of the ladies a few of his interesting Tweets. And when she asked if he’s gay, I said, “NO WAY!” and giggled some more.

If I wasn’t gushing then, I sure am now!

Good thing I had never met Stefan Edberg or heaven forbid the perfectly handsome, funny and smart George Clooney.

No swooning here ;-)

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