7 Wishes for 7 de Laan in 2013

The 7de Laan cast and crew are back at work today after their year end holiday break. And what with last year being a bit on the dreary side, I decided to offer some unsolicited advice to the writers to get some of us to start watching regularly again. Both Generations and Isidingo was far, far superior to 7de Laan in 2012 and at the start of 2013.

The best thing about 2012 was moving Paula and Altus forward, but the Neville death/witness protection/Charmaine grieving story was the absolute worst.

7de Laan writers, cast and crew – A very happy 2013 to you but…

1. Please writers, NO more sad stories for Charmaine.  NO Alcoholism stories either – not for her or anyone else in the Laan.  Charmaine is best when she is drinking a hannepootjie after work with the older members of the cast and being a mother-figure to the younger ones.  Rather than what we got, a more realistic sense of loss over her partner’s death  over a period of time is in order.  See point 3 below.

2. Paula is my favourite character in the Laan by the proverbial mile, but let Paula van der Lecq de Bruyn please grow up!  She’s married and going to be a mother.  Enough of her carrying on like a spoiled child.  She can still be her fabulous self without carrying on over every small thing. Leave the drama to someone else for a while and let Paula and Altus enjoy themselves for a while.

3. In actual fact, let all the characters show some growth.  It’s ridiculous how year in and year out, it’s the same old story with them. Even after some traumatic events, marriages and divorces.  Ryno is a prime example.  He never spares a thought for any of his dead or former wives, just moves on with the next woman without trying to gain an insight.

And you would never say Xander and Vince lost their father so very recently – there is no sense of loss. No wanting to call their father to discuss something, forgetting that he’s no longer there. No nothing from anyone really. Other than that silliness with Charmaine.

4. Please let Felicity wear braids or her natural hair.  That wig is terrible and makes her look unnatural.  On that same note, whoever put that current wig on Vanessa’s head, deserves some sort of award.  It’s her best wig EVER.

5. I’m begging you on this one. No more Matrone and Hilda fights/competitions.  It got old years ago and now I just don’t tune them out.

6. Gita is a super-bitch like Isidingo’s Cherel.  Stop making her into a wimp after every one of her evil deeds to garner sympathy for her .  A phone call from Tim is all that is needed to remind the viewers that Gita is already paying a high price for her evil behaviour, with the loss of her daughter.

7. No more fashion shows, dance competitions or any other competitions that includes the whole cast.  I tune out for each and everyone of those.

I know 7de Laan is supposed to be a lot more light-hearted than the other SA soapies, but seriously, there’s just so much of the same thing that I’m prepared to watch.


10 thoughts on “7 Wishes for 7 de Laan in 2013”

  1. I aggre with the 2nd wishes seriously Paula need to grow up and stop acting childish, because She is married and soon She is expecting.

  2. I completely agree with all your points. There are also things i would hopefully like to see 7de laan improve on. I’m all for good writing, character development and consequences, even for a soap. So far, Generations has been a far better soap then 7de laan this year.
    To add to your list of expections for 7de laan; i ‘d like to add that the writers:
    - give Kim a storyline. A really good one and follow up with it. Kim is one of the very few characters left that i like and i hate how she gets thrown to the waste side in favour of other characters or other plotlines. I sometimes think the writers dont even like her character. I would love to see Kim be ambitious at something that allows her to get the spotlight or for her to get involved with a really cute and nice boyfriend. No hidden agendas. For her to also gain some self confidence.
    - Pulani’s brother. That story was really cute and though over cheesy and unnessasary for a soap but, its over now. Please get rid of the kid! His pointless now! Give Oubaas and Hilda something else to do with their time!
    - Stop making Pieter act like he has bipolar! I know that if Pieter doesnt act like that then their really is no conflict between him and Annelie but please, i hope they stop it. Give the guy some direction, make him go back to painting (even if the writers had to stop with the paintings because of budget cuts, they can surely get a new artist and just say that Pieters decided to change his perspective and approach to art, what with the long break that he took.) Let him make it big this time. Let him and Annelie get married and live happily ever after, even if it happens off screen.
    -bring in new and interesting characters that can speak afrikaans properly! The recent additions to 7de laans cast list has been really cringe worthy (god knows i’ll never forget that irritating Indian Bagwandeen girl, she was so fake and so bad), especially when they attempt to speak Afrikaans. And even if they do, their characters are still boring and like cardboard cut outs. Marcels mother bored me to tears that i felt like changing the channel every time she appeared on my screen! I would like to see better, interesting, gripping characters not ones that i couldnt give a crap about.
    - The Hillside Times. Either shut the place down or give it a face lift. The place has become a very bad parody of what it originally stood for. NO ONE who works there is even qualified for their jobs let along does it well! (except Aggie) Becoming a journalist is like taking up a job as a shop assistant as soon as you finish matric- everyone can do it! Its ridiculous and unrealistic! Gone are the days of Mandla and Sanjay, instead look what we have now.
    -San-Mari. Either rewrite her or get rid of her. I’m tried of watching miss Mary-Sue on my screen! Shes bitchy, selfish, a slut and very unlikable and yet, the entire Laan practically worships the ground she walks on. All the men are after her (what about Kim or Pulani or even have someone go after Annelie?), she has the best wardrobe (its rididulous how she always looks like a model and no one else does), she does something wrong and everyone just accepts it, even if they tell her she is in the wrong, all she has to do is throw a self-righteous tantrum and its okay. Why can’t any of the other girls get the lead for events? Why must it always be San-Mari? For the Bella Donna issue, San-Mari just had to get the best and sexiest outfit. For the insurance storyline thats recently on, she just has to be the girl that Pierre likes and wants for the company and falls in love with. And even in a love triangle, everything must always be more dramatic for San-Mari then it would be for anyone else! And she still acts like shes innocent?! Please, just stop! I dont know whats the writers obssessive love for this girl (or is the actress portraying her writing her as a self-insert) but it has to stop. Twilights Bella Swan is a Mary-Sue and so is San-Mari. And i hate both characters.
    -Unfinished storylines. Whatever happened with Emma and Rick? Whatever happened with Gita and her nephew? Charmaine was surposed to be an alcoholic yet everyones acting like that story NEVER HAPPENED! There isnt even a reference to it. Xander and Vince dont even mention their father! This year i hope that when they start stories, they finish them. Properly.
    -And what was the point of Marko getting his own business when it looks like that story is going no where? And this guy worked with Bryunwaves?
    -And please, give Ryno a woman who is actually interesting. Watching Marcel is like watching paint dry- its boring!
    Thats my list.

  3. I have to agree with you about Kim. I like that she’s so different from the other girls in the Laan and that’s she’s kind of the black sheep. You see her vulnerabilities – the actress who plays her is really good.

    And here I thought I was the only one who thinks Marcel is beyond boring. She adds nothing to the show. But then again, Ryno’s taste in women leaves a lot to be desired.

    LOL @ getting rid of Pulani’s brother. I can’t say I liked that story at all and actually pretty much skipped it.

    Truth be told, I’m actually giving 7de Laan a miss for a while after the whole Paula and Altus losing their baby nonsense.

  4. I definitely agree about Kim, thank you for siding with me. Kim shows her vulnerbilities, her flaws and i too like how different she is from all the other girls in the laan. I just wish the writers would pay attention to her some more instead of taking up the screen with other unnessasary plots. Its a real shame as she has so much potential but, i’m hoping in the future that will change.
    Yes, Marcel is boring as hell. If i want to watch a brunette who is surposed to be feisty, independent with an addiction to coffee, i’ll go watch Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls. At least she isn’t boring, and has a personality. Marcel is surposed to be all these things but she really isn’t. Just how much coffee does she drink per episode? Its a wonder she doesnt get the jitters! Rynos women have never been very interesting but at least they were people, there was some traits in them that made a person interested enough but Marcel, there is nothing. She’s just another body taking up space, and one without a personality other than to brood and complain like an immature brat.
    The story with Pulani’s brother i just ignored. That story should have never been approved of in the first place.
    As much as i love Altus and Paula, i’m glad they are off screen. Like with Kim, i get the feeling that the writers don’t like Paula’s character very much. So much that they’ve practically raped her character to the point where shes become unbearable to watch. She’s become a parody of her old self. Paula doesn’t dress as wonderful and colourful as she used to, she looks like an old woman. Why if she is so creative does her apartment with Altus look so plain and terrible and this was the very same person who helped spice up the same flat that San-Mari lives in? It makes no sense! Yes, she was always immature and eccentric to say the least but, they’ve pushed it to far. Its almost like the writers hate her but they know the viewers like her so, they have her on the show but rewrite her character in such a way thats its considered character suicide. Its like they are flipping us viewers who like Paula, the middle finger! Paula is also meant to look bad in front of San-Mari and that i don’t like. I think it was stupid of them to kill off the baby, there were other options they could have gone like:
    - let Paula have the baby then send her off to her parents for help because shes suffering from Post Pregnancy depression.
    If Paula comes back as the Out-of-character Paula that we’ve been forced to witness these past few months, then i would have prefered them to kill her and the baby off. Let Altus grieve and let him leave the Laan for good. Altus hasnt really served a valiable purpose for the past three years anyway until this thing with Paula happened. I would much rather have Paula dead then her disintergrate into an unrecognizable, unlikable character, make her a joke, because the writers possibly have issues with her and in the meantime, they make San-Mari so much better (ironic enough, Paula and San-Mari are surposed to be around the same age and yet, Paula looks like an old woman while San-Mari was frozen in time like she was turned into a vampire off screen!). But seriously, if Paula does leave, its no secret that 7de laans viewership will definitely go down. A lot of people like her, myself included.

  5. let annelie and pieter get back together because they have more chamistry than the other couples on the show,they are siiily cute

  6. Hi. I don’t want to post a comment. I wanted to know if it is possible for a group of people to have something to eat at oppikoffie? We are Warrant Officer’s in the SANDF planning their year end function on 6 Dec 13. Will that be possible to be served by Charlemain/Oubaas?

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