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Steve Hofmeyr in Court Again

Why does Steve Hofmeyr not keep his personal business out of the public domain?

You could blame the women in his life for discussing their personal details with the press and in books, Hofmeyr is no innocent.

He aggravated the situations by discussing his ex-lovers/wife on his blog!

Heck, I’m not famous, but I would never do that to someone I’ve once cared about.


In the latest Steve Hofmeyr saga, his former lover Janine van der Vyver took him to court for slander.

The same woman who is alleged to have had an affair with Hofmeyr before and during his marriage to Natasha Sutherland.

For those interested in the details, van der Vyver is writing a book (called ’n Tas vol toeka) about their sleeziness – which she refers to as a loving romantic relationship!


Hofmeyr called van der Vyver names – refering to her as a popstar groupie – to which his ex-lover took offense.

Our ‘famous’ popstar did not like being sued, so he asked the courts to drop the case. After a hearing judge George Bizos decided that in actual fact Janine van der Vyver had a case and awarded her costs since it was an insult to a woman who believed herself to be in a loving long term relationship.

(Forget the fact that Hofmeyr had a wife and children during this relationship.)

Apparently no one told Ms van der Vyver about the judgement.

She claims that since then court documents disappeared 4 times, but the case will apparently go ahead soon.

Van der Vyver claims to not know this Hofmeyr who she loved for 10 years.

All she should do is to read the tabloids – Hofmeyr might have a successful singing career, but he’s never been shown to be a good partner in a relationship.

Natasha Please Move on…

What is it with women who rightfully gets the public’s sympathy when they get cheated on, but then instead of moving on, they keep talking about their exes.

Natasha Sutherland, the same as Jennifer Aniston continue bringing their ex-husbands into conversations.

While my sympathies 100% with both these women, there comes a time when you must shut up and get on with your life.

Natasha gave an interview to Finesse magazine recently according to News24.com where she claims to still not be over her cheating husband Steve Hofmeyr.

Although she also claims to be seeing another man she calls “Flash Gordon” in her book!

What’s with that nickname anyway?

Natasha, in particular, knew what she was getting when she married Steve Hofmeyr. 

His love life has not exactly been a secret to the general public.  All she had to do was read a copy of You or Huisgenoot magazines.

Whatever their marital situation was, it is over now.  Time for Natasha to get some counselling, take care of her children and keep quiet about Steve.

And of course milk him for all his worth in divorce court.

Natasha Sutherland Writes Book about Life with Steve Hofmeyr

Natasha Sutherland ex-wife of Steve Hofmeyr has written a book called Bittersoet (Bittersweet) about her life during and after her marriage. 

She tells Rapport.co.za, that she wrote the book for other wronged partners in a relationships, not to take revenge on her soon to be ex-husband.

She says it’s not a tell-all book about Steve Hofmeyr, although an excerpt from the biography published in You magazine implied that Natasha was physically abused.


Natasha now however says the quote was printed out of context and denies that she was ever physically abused by her husband.

According to Rapport.co.za, Natasha refers to Steve as Mr Y and his new girlfriend Janine as Ms X for some unknown reason.

Despite writing about their marriage, Natasha claims to still love Steve – as the father of her children.  She says he is brilliant at doing his work and deserves all the adoration and support from his fans

She tells Rapport.co.za that althought their divorce has not yet been finalished, she removed Hofmeyr from her name, although her sons will still proudly carry their father’s surname.

Natasha ends off by saying she has moved on and is at the start of a new relationship with a pilot.

She states that it is time to put aside her victim status and have taken responsibility for her part in creating her situation.

Steve Hofmeyr Ex stalked by Local Paparazzi

News24 reports that Natasha Sutherland, soon to be ex-wife of philandering Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr, has been stalked by local ‘journalists’ with long lens cameras.

Hoping to get any tiny detail of gossip from their housekeeper, two people accosted Meah at a taxi rank, offering her R5000 for tidbits of information.

Other paparazzos camp outside Natasha’s house, photographing her coming and going with her children.

One wonders which tabloids in this country would actually buy photos of a mother taking her young boys to school on a daily basis.

It’s not exactly as if we’re talking Angelina Jolie or Madonna and their international brood.

Steve Hofmeyr is fair game as he is one of the country’s most famous and popular performers for a number of years.

His family though should be off limit!

Especially the children.