Review: Mostra di Cafe CBD Infused Coffee

I’ve been using CBD products for around three years now. I’ve mainly taken it in the form of tea, water, and gummies, so when I came across the Mostra di Cafe brand on Takealot, I had to try it. Let’s just say I’m on my second bag of coffee.

I bought the ground coffee but they are sold as whole coffee beans as well. You can either get it direct from Mostra di Cafe or through Takealot. The price is basically the same. Both Takealot and Mostra di Cafe have minimum orders to receive free shipping. Takealot’s minimum shipping is R450 and Mostra di Cafe’s is R399.

The taste of the coffee is very appealing to me. I’m no coffee connoisseur; I just enjoy coffee that tastes and smells good and this coffee is amazing. I love it. As for the CBD, I don’t feel any effects when I drink the coffee. I don’t notice that I feel any calmer than normal, nor do I feel particularly agitated. That is until I ran out of coffee a few months ago. I didn’t notice anything initially, but one day I realised that I was starting to get irritated with the house people again in the morning. Which is when I bought my next bag of CBD coffee.

Price-wise, I paid R135 for a 500g bag of CBD coffee on Takealot. It costs R140 on the Mostra di Cafe website. I bought other stuff as well, which made the shipping free. As I said before, I love the taste of the coffee, and to be honest, even if there wasn’t CBD infused into it, I’d still like the coffee.